Committee structure


Overview & Scrutiny Committee

There are three Overview and Scrutiny Committees who support the work of the Cabinet and the Council as a whole.  They allow citizens to have a greater say in Council matters by holding public inquiries into matters of local concern.  These lead to reports and recommendations which advise the Cabinet and the Council as a whole on its policies, budget and service delivery.  Overview and Scrutiny committees also monitor the decisions of the Cabinet. 


They can ‘call-in’ a decision which has been made by the Cabinet but not yet implemented.  This enables them to consider whether the decision is appropriate.  They may recommend that the Cabinet reconsider the decision.  They may also be consulted by the Cabinet or the Council on forthcoming decisions and the development of policy.




The Regulatory Committees of the Council


The “Regulatory Committees of the Council” are politically proportionate Committees appointed for the purpose of discharging those functions, which are not the responsibility of the Cabinet.  They comprise of:


·         The Development Control Committee

·         The Licensing and Health & Safety Enforcement Committee

·         The Licensing and Health & Safety Enforcement Sub Committee

·         The Licensing of Alcohol & Gambling Sub Committee

·         The Appeals Committee

·         The Audit Committee


The Appeals Committee has a variable membership which will be chosen from a pool of members appointed by the Council and who have received relevant training.


A Member of the Cabinet is excluded from membership of any Regulatory Committee.


The Chairmen, Vice Chairmen and Members of the Regulatory Committees are appointed by full Council.