Committee details

Licensing and Health and Safety Enforcement Committee

Purpose of committee

This committee shall comprise of 12 members of the Council and meet on an ad hoc basis when summoned by the Assistant Director (Legal and Democratic Services) to deal with matters specified on the Agenda.


The functions of the Licensing and Health and Safety Enforcement Committee shall be:


(i)            to fulfil the role of the licensing committee of the Council in its capacity as a licensing authority under section 6 of the Licensing Act 2003 and section 154 of the Gambling Act 2005, and


(ii)          to exercise all the powers of the Council relating to the grant, renewal, refusal, variation, cancellation, or imposition of conditions upon any licence or authorisation which the Council has a power or duty to issue, including the following:


·         Hackney carriages and private hire vehicles, drivers and operators

·         Sale and supply of alcohol, regulated entertainment and late night refreshment  (Licensing Act 2003)

·         Non remote gambling by way of betting, gaming or lotteries (Gambling Act 2005)

·         Sex shops, sex cinemas and sexual entertainment venues

·         Animal welfare related establishments

·         Food safety

·         Caravan sites, camping sites and moveable dwellings

·         Street trading

·         Charitable collections

·         Acupuncture, tattooing, piercing and electrolysis

·         The registration of persons or premises in pursuance of other public health, safety or related functions

·         Any other licensing matter as may from time to time require determination by the Council.



(iii)         to exercise all the powers of the Council relating to the setting of fees and charges, policies (where not otherwise prohibited) and guidance  for the above mentioned authorisations.


(iv)         to exercise all the functions relating to health and safety under any “relevant statutory provision” within the meaning of Part I of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, to the extent that those functions are discharged otherwise than in the Council’s capacity as employer.


(v)        to exercise all the powers of the Council relating to the making of an order identifying a place as a designated public place for the purposes of police powers in relation to alcohol consumption (section 13(2) of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001).



Contact information

Support officer: Corporate and Democratic Support. 01442 228209