Meeting attendance

Tuesday, 20th June, 2023 7.30 pm, Cabinet

Venue:   Conference Room 2 - The Forum

Contact:    Corporate and Democratic Support
01442 228209

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Diane Southam Council Staff In attendance
Darren Welsh Council Staff Present
Ian Billham Council Staff Expected
Simon Rowberry Council Staff Expected
Ian Kennedy Council Staff Expected
Gary Goggins Council Staff Expected
Nigel Howcutt Council Staff Present
Jon Maxwell Council Staff Expected
Mark Pinnell Council Staff Expected
Karen Proudfoot Council Staff Expected
James Doe Council Staff Present
Catherine Silva Donayre Council Staff Present
Mary Fleming Officer Expected
Tom Dewey Council Staff Expected
Claire Hamilton Officer Present
Mark Brookes Officer Present
Shaj Choudhury Officer Expected
Councillor Ron Tindall Leader Present
Councillor Robin Bromham Committee Member Present
Councillor Simy Dhyani Committee Member Present
Councillor Adrian England Deputy Leader Present
Councillor Sally Symington Committee Member Present
Councillor Carole Weston Committee Member Present
Councillor Sheron Wilkie Committee Member Present
David Barrett Officer Present
Councillor Julie Banks Committee Member In attendance
Councillor John Birnie Committee Member In attendance
Councillor Terry Douris Committee Member In attendance
Councillor Andrew Williams Committee Member In attendance