Meeting attendance

Thursday, 5th August, 2021 7.00 pm, Development Management

Venue:   Council Chamber, The Forum

Contact:    Corporate and Democratic Support
01442 228209

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Fiona Guest Chairman Present
Councillor Colette Wyatt-Lowe Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Rob Beauchamp Vice-Chairman Present
Councillor Nigel Durrant Committee Member Present
Councillor Claire Hobson Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Jan Maddern Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Phil McDowell Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Pearl Oguchi Committee Member Absent
Councillor Liz Uttley Committee Member Apologies, sent representative
Councillor Nicky Woolner Committee Member Apologies, sent representative
Councillor Terry Douris Committee Member Present
Councillor Andrew Williams Committee Member Present
Councillor Nick Hollinghurst Committee Member Absent
Briony Curtain Officer In attendance
Layla Fowell Officer In attendance
James Gardner Officer In attendance
Nigel Gibbs Officer In attendance
Martin Stickley Officer In attendance
Nargis Sultan Officer In attendance
Natasha Vernal Officer In attendance
Sara Whelan Officer In attendance
Councillor Garrick Stevens Committee Member Present as substitute
Councillor Nigel Taylor Committee Member Present as substitute