Meeting attendance

Wednesday, 12th June, 2019 7.30 pm, Health in Dacorum

Venue:   The Forum

Contact:    Corporate and Democratic Support
01442 228209

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Councillor Julie Banks Guest In attendance
Councillor Rob Beauchamp Committee Member Present
Councillor Alex Bhinder Vice-Chairman Present
Councillor John Bowden Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Terry Douris Guest In attendance
Councillor Nigel Durrant Committee Member Present
Councillor Adrian England Committee Member Present
Edith Glatter Public Expected
Councillor Fiona Guest Chairman Apologies
Councillor Nick Hollinghurst Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Alan Johnson Committee Member Present
Councillor Jan Maddern Committee Member Present
Kevin Minier Public Expected
Marie Sells Officer In attendance
Councillor Babita Sinha Committee Member Present