Election results for Boxmoor

Borough elections - Thursday, 2nd May, 2019
Comparison with previous election

 Liberal Democrats Win William Allen was elected with a majority of 1%. A total of 8266 votes were cast.

Table of main parties and election candidates retaining deposit
Election CandidatePartyNumber%Status% Change
William AllenLiberal Democrats128716%Newly electedn/a
Claire HobsonLiberal Democrats123215%Newly electedn/a
Liz UttleyLiberal Democrats111714%Newly electedn/a
Janice Louisa MarshallConservative96812%Not electedn/a
Neil HardenConservative89811%Not electedn/a
William James Wyatt-LoweConservative84810%Not electedn/a
Cameron Douglas Brady-TurnerLabour4275%Not electedn/a
Other election candidates-see below148918%-9%
Table of other election candidates
Election Candidate Party Number % Outcome
Sherief Mamoun Hassan Green 367 4% Not elected
Barbara Brucelia Pesch Labour 326 4% Not elected
Bernard Michael Hurley Green 281 3% Not elected
Michael Alan Pesch Labour 260 3% Not elected
Robert Leroy Earl Theophile Green 255 3% Not elected