Issue - decisions

Cabinet referrals

26/09/2018 - Cabinet referrals


That the following be approved:

31st July 2018




That the Revised Medium Term Financial Strategy for the period 2018/19 – 2022/23 be approved


7.2       CA/081/18       DACORUM SINGLE LOCAL PLAN 2020-2036: LOCAL



A.    The adoption of the new Local Development Scheme (2018-2021) and;


B.    That Council Authorise the Assistant Director - Planning, Development and Regeneration to make any necessary minor and non-consequential changes to the Local Development Scheme prior to its final publication.


7.3       CA/082/18       PRIVATE SECTOR HOUSING


That Council approve the Private Sector Enforcement Policy, as set out in the report to Cabinet and attached appendices.


7.4       CA/084/18       COUNCIL TAX SUPPORT SCHEME 2019/20


That the Council do not revise or replace the current Council Tax Support scheme for 2019/20.


18th September 2018


7.5       CA/091/18       Q1 FINANCIAL REPORT


That Council agree that;


  1. That the revised capital programme to move slippage identified at Quarter 1 into financial year 2019/20 as detailed in Appendix C be approved.


  1. That the draw down of reserves previously agreed by Cabinet be approved. Details are set out below:


·         Draw down £165k from Capital Development reserve to fund Development Company (DevCo) phase 1 costs incurred.


·         Draw down £70k from On-Street Car Parking reserves to cover costs of ongoing parking zone consultation.


  1. That the supplementary capital budgets be approved.


·         Capital budget of £15k for Gadebridge Park Walled Garden irrigation system


·         Capital budget of £34k for Warners End Community Centre heating and door improvement works


  1. That the virements detailed in Appendix D of the Cabinet report of 18th September 2018 be approved:


·         Virement to transfer the budget for the debt recovery function from Legal Services to Financial Services


·         Virement for the purpose of realigning capital budgets in order to deliver recycling facilities at flats


·         Virement for the purpose of realigning the car parking budget to reflect new cashless parking system




1.    That the sites listed in Parts 1 and 2 of the Brownfield Land Register (BLR) as drafted in Appendix 1 be approved and;


2.    Delegate authority to the Assistant Director (Planning, Development and Regeneration) to finalise the site specific information before publication.