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Work Programme


The Chair reported she had put a review of the infrastructure funding statement onto the agenda for next month, she would look at briefings. Cllr Birnie wondered whether the planning report should be on there, the Chair suggested planning should be a standing item on the agenda regardless of whether there was a report. The Chair requested that people contact the team if they have detailed questions about the planning report. The Chair outlined that she would like more detail on the air quality, a briefing on what was measured would be circulated, however there was a need to know what was being done in response to the measurements to improve air quality. It was suggested that it may be useful to have a short interim report regarding the trees, the Chair wondered whether they could have an update on where Ian had got to. It was noted there was a tree strategy and action plan which was reviewed every five years and was due to be updated in two years' time. There was comment that a full report was not necessary, it would be useful for the Committee to see the direction they were heading in. The Chair clarified she would ask Ian to come back in October.


There was the suggestion that water be put on the agenda, specifically the three chalk streams in Dacorum where only one was usually spoken about and wastewater. Regarding the re-routing of the Gade through Gadebridge Park, it was noted there had never been clarity on the route at the southern end of the park. It was suggested they request an update, the Chair agreed, adding that perhaps Thames Water could be invited as well. It was agreed they would invite Thames Water early next year, they would request an update from the Environment Agency. It was noted that the project was moving forward, there had been an officer meeting attended by DBC officers and the Environment Agency, it was not thought there was an agreed start on-site yet.


A question was raised as to whether the need for additional parking lay-bys was relevant to this Committee, it was suggested the query be sent to LFowell which had already been done. Regarding neighbour disputes around hedges not owned by DBC, it was noted the payment for the survey was £565, the Councillor noted the policy seemed unfair on residents. It was advised to contact Emma and to gather background on the issue. The Chair explained that a policy change would need to go through the portfolio holder, it would then come to this committee. Advice was given regarding items for the agenda of this Committee.


There being no further business, the meeting was closed.




Agreed Actions


- Breakdown analysis of fly-tipping incidents to be circulated.

- A statement from the leadership team to be requested regarding trees which posed an immediate danger, to include instructions for Sunday and out of office hours.

- The issuance of a monthly bulletin of trees due to have works done to them to be reviewed.

- The report on air quality to be re-circulated by the Chair.

- Reasons for Bennetts End Road to have a monitoring device to be investigated and shared.

- Chair to work with LFowell to locate documentation showing the breakdown of fixed penalty notices and circulate that to Committee members.

- Cllr Timmis to check whether there is documentation that could be shared to show Dacorum's position on Luton Airport.

- COuttersides to include discussions on wastewater with other local authorities with regard to the JSP.

- An update on the re-routing of the River Gate through Gadebridge Park to be sought from the Environment Agency.


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