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New Member Induction Programme


LFowell noted the first draft of the induction programme and asked members for any feedback.


LFowell advised that, with new members coming, she has been looking at the induction programme with Cassie on what new members may require at the beginning of their term.


LFowell presented the overview of the proposed new member induction as (1) an introduction to SLT, (2) code of conduct training, (3) lunch and service marketplace, (d) coach tour, particularly CCTV and Cupid Green, and (5) ICT equipment and ID badge issue. LFowell then noted the courses for consideration, with priority given on licensing specific to those licensing committees and DMC specific to DMC members, and then mandatory courses that should be completed in the first year.


On the coach tour, Cllr Griffiths stated that this needs to be wider than Hemel Hempstead.


Cllr Griffiths noted that Covid was a factor in members not completing mandatory training and that the importance of courses should be completed at the first meeting.


Cllr Freedman agreed with the items already listed for the new member induction and recommended that they also include meeting the Member Support team and information on council communication with guidance on how emails are sent out and which addresses to send items back to. Cllr Freedman stated that there should also be training regarding call-ins.


LFowell next looked at the service briefing sessions, noting the guidance on ICT, meetings and how to use ModernGov, microphones and electronic voting with meeting Member Support up the list.


Cllr Bhinder noted that Licensing and DMC courses should all be held in-person.


Cllr Bhinder commented on the briefing on ICT and meetings, noting that this should be a priority. Cllr Bhinder stated that how the council functions and the hierarchy in place would also be important to cover.


The Chair referred back to Cllr Freedman's comments on call-ins, noting the mandatory course on the constitution and suggested that this be expanded to constitution and process as this would relate to call-ins and how long you can speak at meetings.


Cllr Bhinder asked if the protocols could be bullet-pointed with easy access to members. The Chair advised that protocols regarding development and management meetings is already set out, though information could also be included in the mandatory constitution. The Chair commented that they could introduce an FAQ for members, though the information is already available.


The Chair noted the proposed dates of Friday 12th and Monday 15th May for new member inductions and suggested that a number of members may work on these days. The Chair suggested that they hold one day over the weekend. LFowell confirmed that Cassie is looking at sending information to candidates on what may happen if they are elected and that this will include the proposed dates.


LFowell next looked at the non-mandatory courses and advised that courses can be added as the MDSG feels necessary.


LFowell noted that Cassie will be taking the programme to Claire next week and asked members to consider what items were beneficial to them when they started.


Cllr Griffiths commented that it would be helpful for councillors to get to know each other. LFowell agreed that they could facilitate a place where conversations can happen. The Chair recommended a welcome event and it was agreed that this could be included as part of the service marketplace.


The Chair recommended a course on disaster management. Cllr Griffiths noted that this was already included under emergency planning.

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