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Q3 People and Communities Performance Report


LWarden and SWhelan presented the People and Communities Performance Report with apologies from Matt. They highlighted the following:

·           There were consistent safeguarding reports, and the team were continuing to carry out training

·           Q3 income at Adventure Playgrounds continued to increase with bookings and young people’s attendance

·           The Fun Palace event received excellent feedback from the Marlowes Shopping Centre noting the best footfall since the pandemic. The team’s next calendar of events would be updated Q4. Meanwhile weekend usage would be reported.

·           SWhelan highlighted a new ping-pong parlour opening in the Marlowes Shopping Centre, part of the Physical and Sports programme with Hemel Hempstead and Sports England, open for bookings Sunday July 17th.

·           The Health Hub was extended, and a memorandum of understanding had been signed.

·           The next round of grants opens April 1st 2022, which was linked in the paper to the council webpage.


          Cllr Mahmood was concerned about the 50% Town Hall attendances and asked what they were doing to bring people back. He asked how queries such as collection days were dealt with, and the breakdown of bin issues. The officer explained these questions were for Matt Rowden (ph), which she would feed back. The officer confirmed bin collections were the highest hit on the website and resolved to gather further analytics. Regards the Town Hall, the officer felt the response positive, with 2 sell-out shows over 50% capacity. The officer confirmed there was a full programme but it was reliant on residents feeling comfortable and confident to come out. She relayed there were on-going reviews to understand how to encourage more people to attend and resolved to gather further feedback. The officer was hopeful the new Town Hall website launch would attract residents and promote services and entertainment on offer.

Noting assistance given to Afghan families, Cllr Adeleke asked if they were making preparations for the possible influx of refugees from the Ukraine. The officer explained she attended a Strategic Migration Partnership Meeting this morning across Hertfordshire County Council. She noted currently there were visa schemes relating to Ukraine residents living in the UK to bring families, and support those British nationals living in Ukraine. She relayed that countries around Ukraine were receiving the majority of refugees but they would monitor resettlement schemes. Currently they were not encouraging donations but many residents wished to provide this. Cllr Adeleke asked if they would put out a statement as to their intentions should the situation arise. The officer replied they would highlight their links with partners but as per Home Office guidance did not foresee direct work other than ensure residents with friends and family in Ukraine were supported, and supporting fundraising. She felt they had a good network because of their experience resettling Afghan and Syrian refugees.

Cllr Johnson referred to paragraph 6.4 in the Herts Cultural Education Partnership and asked for feedback regards gaps identified in delivery and timescales. The officer did not have timescales for feedback but would include this on the next update.

Cllr Imarni requested background on the grant applications that were funded. The officer did not have a list of who was awarded, but detailed previous organisations were local choirs, theatre groups, Meditation Hertfordshire, etc. She resolved to send details.

Cllr Griffiths noted this was LWarden’s last meeting and thanked her for her role in Housing and Communities. The Committee wished LWarden best of luck in the future and were sad to see her go. LWarden reported she loved working for Dacorum and knew there was positive work in Housing and Communities going forward.


·           SWhelan to acquire further analytics around bin collections.

·           SWhelan to gather further feedback around Town Hall attendance.

·           Officer to provide timescale on Herts Cultural Education Partnership for feedback.

·           Officer to email the Committee regards which groups had been given funding.


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