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Housing Allocations Policy


Cabinet Approves:


The implementation of the new Housing Allocations policy.


Cllr Griffiths introduced the report, advising that we currently have 6.5 to 7k people on our register.  It is necessary to revise our policy to be in line with the law; when we do, there are always going to be some people who will gain and some who will lose points.  There is no change in how many homes we deliver, but about ensuring we are delivering the homes we have to those in the greatest need. 


NBeresford confirmed the Housing Allocations Policy is linked to statutory function 6 of Housing Act 1966; we are required to make sure we have an up to date policy and this is a 3 year refresh bringing the strategy up to date.  There has been extensive consultation. There are 4 key proposed changes; 1. In terms of capital thresholds to access sheltered accommodation, which is to be removed.  2. Reducing village criteria from 10 to 5 years.  3. Introducing tiered income thresholds for new applicants.  4. Increasing threshold for ages for shared rooms of children of different sexes.


Cllr Birnie referred to pg.270, Appendix H where he referred to a list of figures in regard to waiting lists and it is a comparison between DBC, Hatfield, Stevenage and St Albans.  The Councillor commented that it is quite striking how much larger our own waiting list is, and asked; is there any obvious reason for this?


NBeresford responded that DBC is the largest stock retaining authority of the 4 listed.  The proposed changes will bring us more in line with those other authorities. Expect to see a reduction in approx. 3,000 applicants on our register.


Cllr Birnie asked, are we changing our policy to align with the others?


NBeresford stated that not directly but that there would be some alignment.


Recommendations agreed.


Cabinet Approves:


The implementation of the new Housing Allocations policy.

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