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Covid Update


Cabinet Receives and Notes:


(a)        The projected financial impact of Covid-19 for 2021/22 as set out in section 1.


(b)        The service updates provided in section 2.


Cllr Williams introduced the report and handed to MBrookes.


MBrookes advised this is an update on the work that services have been doing in response to COVID.  Section 1 focuses on financial, Section 2 on the work being delivered as we move into the recovery stage.  There is a £2m pressure this year; in line with what is in reports presented to Cabinet.  COVID is an ongoing concern, need to start looking at medium term recovery. 


Cllr Birnie referred to pg.193, para.1.13, with reference to the pressure of £130k for temporary accommodation and asked; has this now been mitigated by the relaxation of social distancing?


NHowcutt responded that the data we are looking at in the report is period 5, so the data and costs are pre relaxation of COVID measures.  He went on to explain that a lot of refurbishment work was planned to adhere to COVID safety and make single person units which are more expensive and slower, however we are now looking to reshape that.  There is an inherent problem in the budget this year linked to socially distancing measures, large part of that is owing to safety of staff and residents; some of those social distancing measures remain in place.


Cllr Birnie referred to the mention of the leisure services and the effect of the pandemic on them, as pg.197 para.2.21.  Specifically there is a statement that the position will be monitored on a quarterly basis and the information will be given to Members.  Cllr Birnie asked; how will that information be disseminated to Members?


MBrookes responded to advise that reports will go to F&R OSC on these matters, then possibly on to Cabinet if there is any decision to be made on next year’s funding.


Cllr Birnie referred to pg.197/198, para.2.23 and the statement about problems of opening communal rooms in sheltered accommodation, which he observed appears to be due to a shortage of cleaners.  The Cllr asked; are Cabinet aware that residents are very upset about this and a number of them have stated that they would be perfectly happy themselves to take part in the cleaning to open these rooms on a more regular basis?


Cllr Williams responded to confirm he is aware and commented that the good news is they are open 2 days a week.  Additionally we have funding from County through Health Board to recruit additional cleaners.  We are not able to allow residents or volunteers to clean the areas as we are responsible for ensuring they meet the required safety standards.


FWilliamson added that they are in the process of appointing some new cleaners.  On the balance of safety risk it was determined it was safer to have a gradual reopening.  They have been working with Age UK to look at them running some additional functions in those lounges as they have the correct method statements in place to undertake the cleaning for events they run at those schemes.  We recognise the importance of these spaces and are working to get those schemes reopened.


Recommendations Agreed.


(a)        The projected financial impact of Covid-19 for 2021/22 as set out in section 1.


(b)        The service updates provided in section 2.

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