Agenda item

Financial Outturn Report


Fiona Jump shared the provisional outturn report with the members and was happy to take any questions they had.

Cllr Harden referred to bullet point number 4 and the point regarding pest control and waste he asked for the specific impacts for loss on incomes streams and asked what were the plans to recuperate the loss from these streams as some of these services should have taken place irrespective of the pandemic.

Craig Thorpe responded that they had suspended bulk collection as they could not maintain social distancing. Also the business collections heavily affected the finances as businesses went elsewhere or were not in business at the time.

E.Walker said that pest control was suspended due to not being able to enter properties, then, when restrictions were lifted, demand on the service was lower and it was still at a reduced demand now due to people being put off about having people in their houses.

C.Thorpe responded regarding cesspool emptying, that they had budgeted for an income due to increasing costs however when the pandemic hit they decided they would not go ahead with the cost increase.

Cllr Beauchamp referred to overspend of £30k on the White Bridge refurbishment and asked what these overspends were. Secondly he asked about the refurbishment of the Bury, and what the £180k overspend on that.

C.Thorpe said that he would come back to Cllr Beauchamp on the White Bridge.

A.P C.Thorpe to send information on the White Bridge overspend.

J.Doe advised that there were issues with the Bury and there was a full structural survey being done that required specialist people due to it being a listed building. This was delayed due to the pandemic but was nearing completion. Then they would be able to see the full picture of the restoration costs and decisions could be made about the building’s future.

Cllr Birnie asked if they could explain what MRP charges meant.

F.Jump explained that MRP stood for Minimum Revenue Provision and it was an accounting requirement by law. When borrowing is used to finance capital expenditure, they are required to put through a charge that represents putting money aside to repay that borrowing.

Cllr Birne asked for more details of the £81k of investigative work at High Barns.

F.Jump believed that this is additional work that has been undertaken for issues that have arisen at High Barns.

Cllr Birne asked what High Barns was

J.Doe said that the correct officer is not here to answer that but some investigative work was undertaken a few years ago around the area that was subject to infilling caused by the former chalk mines and we had to carry out additional investigation work into a new issue that had arisen.

Cllr Birne had added up some of the figures that had been given and they stated a deficit of £2.4 million on outgoings and incomings, but it actually comes to £2,358,000. Similarly, income from grants received is stated as £3.6 million, but it is slightly more at £3,633,000 representing an additional £33k. He asked whether these discrepancies were not relevant at this stage and would the final outturn be fine-tuned at publication.

F.Jump said when it comes to millions they do tend to go to the nearest million or .1 of a million which helps transparency in reports. 

Cllr Birne would like these figures to be more accurate.

Cllr England referred to point 4.3 and the £298k pressure against waste services. It mentioned that there were 3 factors and the first factor was a 30% increase in tonnages. However, the others are not separated. He was wondering whether the global market for recyclables was something that wasn’t going to bounce back as a result of the end of Covid but the other things will and asked how much of that was due to the effect of the global market for recyclables.

F.Jump said she didn’t have the percentages to hand however she could circulate if that was helpful

A.P F.Jump to circulate percentages in recyclables.

Cllr Birnie advised there would be an item on waste on a forthcoming meeting, which would provide more figures,

The report was noted

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