Agenda item

Member Development Programme - 2021-2022

A schedule of internal training/briefing sessions has been put together for Members to approve which will involve various training sessions throughout the year 2021/2022.


Members will be consulted on what external training sessions they would like to receive.


A Development Management and Planning Enforcement Training session will be taking place on 17th June 2021 and is open to all Members to attend.




MK shared her proposal for in-house training with members, she asked members if it’s    something that they would like her to go ahead and book.


Cllr Griffiths said that rent and income should fall under housing as it could be confused with finance, she also felt that a finance session would be a good idea in the future. She said the local plan may possibly have to be re-scheduled for a different time.


Cllr Douris requested that the finance team provide training in Jan 2022 rather than the local plan which could be moved to Feb 2022


A.P MK to remove the local plan from January and replace with a finance session, look for alternative date for Local Plan.


Cllr Freedman agreed that the local plan date would possibly need to change, he also felt any training would need to be in a hybrid form however the users online should not be able to partake in the meeting so as not to distract the trainer.


Cllr Douris said that there will be people who will not want to attend in person, especially in months like November, he would like to explore the hybrid options, and with the technology in the chamber this should be possible.


A.P MK to find out more details on what the training will provide, feedback to members before booking.


MK presented the option for external licencing training and the costs, it would be a full days training virtually, however she can look into doing this in person if social distancing allows.


Cllr Griffiths said she feels it would be very interesting however she wants to add what licences local government issues as there are many licences that they issue.


Cllr Freedman commented that being a whole day course it will be difficult for those councillors that work, could it be delivered at the weekend?


Cllr Griffiths suggested they ask if they could record it for Cllrs that cannot attend. This would be good for refreshing memories also.


Cllr Bhinder said there could be an issue with recording an external company, officer may wish to query. As he recalled the last licensing sessions were very long with lots of questions being asked, he feels it would be more practical to move it to a weekend or split it so as not to create information overload.


Cllr Douris asked if a person is on the licencing committee do they have to undertake a shorter version of the training.


Cllr Griffiths said that training does have to be undertaken to sit on the committee.


Cllr Douris feels that being a Councillor they have to expect to possibly take time off workwhich is allowed for in employment law.


Cllr Bhinder said although he enjoys the licencing committee it is hard going and feels that splitting it would be a better way.


Cllr Douris asked if MK can see if they could possibly split the sessions and could we record it.


A.P MK to see if she can split the sessions as per the discussion