Agenda item

Attendance record


Cllr Douris clarified that the highlighted items were mandatory training sessions and Cassie O’Neil said yes.


Cassie O’Neil said that since the last meeting there have been two sessions;

1) - Questioning at Scrutiny which had 15 attendees and

2) – Chairing session which had 7 attendees.


Cllr Silwal asked what training needs to be undertaken to sit on DMC.

He was asked to be a substitute but didn’t know if he had undertaken the relevant training for it.


Cassie O’Neil said that there is specific DMC training which must be undertaken before a Member is able to sit on DMC and that training is delivered in-house by the Planning Department.


Layla Fowell suggest that she will discuss with Planning about getting a session put together for Members


Action Point - Member Support to look at other training previously undertaken and add to attendance sheet. (DMC etc.)


Action Point – Member Support to discuss further planning training if required with Planning department.


Cllr Griffiths suggests that the list should be made accessible to everyone to be able to check what training has been undertaken.  For Members to be able to look up the information themselves as to whether they have had the training to do the specific job.


Cllr Freeman suggested before we look at mandatory training, we should ensure that it is necessary to undertake it each year. For example he said that he understands Safeguarding needs to be undertaken each year, however something like Social Media training may have been undertaken in 2019 and so is it necessary to do again in 2020?

He suggests that the list/spreadsheet is made clear as to the mandatory training taken in what specific years.


Action Point – Layla Fowell to send Mandatory spreadsheet to the committee showing who has undertaken mandatory training and who hasn’t and in what year(s).


Cassie O’Neil suggests that Member Support provide an “end of year round up of training” for Members so that they can see what training they have undertaken that year and also to give a reminder of mandatory training which may be expiring and needs refresher.


Cllr Douris said there is a need to alert Group Leaders of those Members who have not completed their mandatory training.


Cassie O’Neil said we prepare a quarterly report to be given to Group Leaders via the Chief Executive which displays that information and allows Group Leaders to discuss with their Party Members.  She will check if this is continuing and if not, will seek to get it re-instated.


Cllr Douris asks can the information be uploaded to DORIS.

Cllr Griffiths wants clarification that the information uploaded would only be visible to the individual Members and would only display their own information.


Cassie O’Neil said that yes she would look into the DORIS module and yes it would only be displayed on your own personal account so other could not see.

Layla Fowell said that she believed that any training undertaken pre-DENNIS could not be uploaded retrospectively as the system would not allow.


Action Point – Member Support to look into the possibility of utilising the DORIS/DENNIS Member module on the intranet to include essential training information for Members.

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