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Information about Appeals Panel

The Appeals and Reviews Committee is an ad hoc committee with a membership of 8 members of the Council chosen from a pool of Members appointed by the Council who have received appropriate training and summoned by the Assistant Director (Chief Executive’s Unit) to deal with matters specified on the Agenda.


Terms of Reference


The function of the Appeals and Reviews Committee is to hear and determine all appeals and reviews with regards to any decision made by or on behalf of the Council in relation to the following matters:


(i)    The determination of appeals brought by employees against dismissals resulting from redundancy, misconduct, ill-health and capability.


(ii)   The determination of reviews requested under section 202 of the Housing Act 1996 (as amended).


(iii)                    To consider any objections and representations that have been duly made, in respect of a Tree Preservation Order and to confirm or modify any such Order.


(iv)                   The determination of appeals against decisions made in relation to discretionary rate relief.