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Licensing of Alcohol and Gambling Sub-Committee
Monday, 27th July, 2020 11.15 am

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To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 16 June 2020.


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2pm - Premises Licence review application under the Licensing Act 2003 pdf icon PDF 4 MB


The Sub-Committee were required to consider an application for a review of premises licence for the following premises:

Boxmoor Lodge

London Road

Hemel Hempstead


The Chairman asked N March to introduce the report.

N March confirmed that the requirements of the application had been met.

N March stated that the promotion of the four licensing objectives is the key consideration when determining an application, together with any issues specifically relevant to that application, there being evidence to support any decision. N March reminded everyone of the Licensing objectives:

             Prevention of Public Nuisance,

           Protection of Children from Harm,

           Prevention of Crime and Disorder,

           Public Safety

N March stated that this application is for a review of the licence requested by Hertfordshire Constabulary in regards to two of the objectives:

1)    The prevention of crime and disorder;


2)    The prevention of public nuisance.

N March said that the information that the police have provided as part of the application to review the premises is included in the report from page 74 and describes attempted engagement between the police, other responsible authorities, and the licensee in regards to complaints and incidents at the premises.

A key issue is the use of the marquee that forms part of the premises. A condition allows this a maximum of 8 times a year.

There is also a condition that states:

‘The management will endeavour to hold events involving live and recorded music inside the main building.’

The police have requested that this be amended to remove the word ‘endeavour’ as this is not considered a clear condition. 

As it is live and recorded music taking place in the marquee, the Live Music Act means that the condition does not have effect unless over 500 people are present, or the event takes place after 11:00pm, unless on review of the licence, it is altered to include a statement that this does not apply, therefore reversing the effect of the deregulation.

At the moment the events would only count towards the 8 referred to in the condition if these extend past 11pm (so for the last half hour permitted by the condition).

N March drew the Committee’s attention to a correction relating to the map on page 105 and stated that 1 of the 3 representations (rep 13) shown in support of the review is in support of the business.

N March continued that 11 representations were in support of the licensee, 2 representations were in support of the police review (shown on the map). He said that 5 of theselive near to the premises and their location is indicated on the map, the other supportive representions are further away from the premises and this is shown on the map on page 106.

N March noted relevant considerations from representations supporting the Police:

  • Concerns around noise nuisance
  • Nuisance caused by drunken chanting of customers

He also noted issues that are contained in representations and not relevant: