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Council - Wednesday, 19th April, 2023 7.30 pm

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To confirm the minutes of the previous meeting of the council


Cllr Guest stated that her vote in regard to the Council Tax Report was not recorded, possibly due to a technical issue, and confirmed that she had voted for the motion, asking how this could be corrected. It was agreed that the minutes could be updated accordingly.


The minutes were otherwise agreed to be correct, and Mayor Birnie noted he would sign them in due course.



- Minutes to be updated to indicate that Cllr Guest voted for the Council Tax Report motion.

- Mayor Birnie to sign the updated minutes as correct


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest from members.


Public Participation

To consider questions (if any) by members of the public of which the appropriate notice has been given to the Assistant Director (Legal and Democratic Services)


It was confirmed that no members of the public were participating in the meeting



To receive announcements and business brought forward by the Mayor, Leader, and Members of the Cabinet or the Chief Executive.


4.1       By the Mayor:


4.2       By the Chief Executive:


4.3       By the Group Leaders:  Any apologies for absence


4.4       Council Leader and Members of the Cabinet:


Councillor Williams                       Leader of the Council

CouncillorBarrett                          Neighbourhood Services

Councillor Banks                           Communities

Councillor Anderson                     Place

Councillor Elliot                             Corporate Services

            Councillor Griffiths                        Housing Services            

Councillor Williams                       Commercial Strategy and Delivery




The Chief Executive confirmed that following the close of candidate nominations, all Dacorum Borough Council wards were contested, as were the Parish areas of Berkhamsted Town Council's Castle, East and West wards, Tring Town Council's Dunsley, Bunstrux and Miswell wards, and Kings Langley Parish Council's Central and South wards. It was confirmed that all elections would take place on Thursday, 4th May, with the verification and counts of all borough elections, and the verification of town and parish elections to take place at Hemel Hempstead Sports Centre, commencing at 10.00pm on 4th May, with the counts of town and parish elections to commence at 11.00am on Friday 5th May at the same location.


Cllr Williams tendered apologies on behalf of Councillors Suqlain Mahmood, Timmis, Anderson, and Rogers.


Cllr Tindall tendered apologies on behalf of Councillors Hobson, McDowell, Dhyani, and Foster.



Portfolio Holders Updates


Cllr Williams – Leader of the Council


Cllr Williams referred to the previous council meeting's report on Amazon's decision to close their centers in Hemel, confirming that both centers had closed on 16th April, that Amazon had advised their associates had mainly transferred to their site in Dunstable, and the site was now being marketed by the landlord. He explained that he believed associates to mean employed staff, and noted that the size of the site being marketed would require a substantial operator.


Cllr Barratt -  Neighbourhood services


For waste services, Cllr Barrett noted that refurbishment had been completed at the food and garden waste bulky waste at Cupid Green, and that staff consultation had begun on the roof optimisation programme, and Dacorum was confirmed to have retained its position as the fourth highest for recycling across the Hertfordshire authorities per the 2021-2022 HWP Annual Report. Over 25,800 residents were noted to have signed up to the garden waste subscription service, producing additional revenue to the borough in excess of £1.1 million.


For environmental services, Cllr Barrett noted that the Worth Saving food waste campaign was due to launch in May. It was confirmed that the Great British Spring Clean had taken place between 17th March and 2nd April, with three litter pick groups across Hemel, Tring and Berkhamsted, and noted that an additional 100 street champions had joined during February and March, bringing the total to 1,149 of which 737 had collected equipment. The 28 Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteer litter pickers were confirmed to have collected 127 bags of refuse and 119 bags of recycling. It was explained that a competition was going to be run for primary schools to win a signed copy of a book highlighting the importance of earthworms, along with a wormery provided by the local author, and that the plan was to run this during May to coincide with compost month, with planning also underway for the annual compost giveaway scheduled for 21st May. The Clean Safe Green teams were noted to have completed a cleanup on both sides of the A41 from the M25 roundabout at Kings  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Business from the last council meeting pdf icon PDF 130 KB

To consider any business referred from the previous meeting


Cllr Symington noted that she had corresponded with the Leader, and believed a response was still being awaited from the police and crime commissioner regarding the actions being taken in terms of vetting and preventing misogynistic behaviour. In light of reports around the Metropolitan Police, Cllr Symington emphasised the importance of the police and crime commissioner responding to such queries from the Council Leader. Cllr Williams confirmed that a response was still pending, however noted that he had since found an alternative email to the one used for his initial letter, and had subsequently re-sent the question at issue.


Cabinet referrals pdf icon PDF 303 KB

To consider the following referrals from Cabinet:


6.1 CA/33/23   Employee Code of Conduct

6.2 CA/34/23   Constitutional update – Scheme of Delegation and Financial Regulations


6.3 CA/35/23   Housing Revenue Account - Business Plan Update 2023


6.4 CA/36/23   Paradise Design Code – Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

6.5 CA/37/23   Senior Officer Pay Policy



CA/33/23 Employee Code of Conduct

Recommendation agreed This was seconded and agreed.


CA/34/23,Constitutional update Scheme of Delegation and Financial Regulations,

Recommendation agreed. This was seconded and agreed.


Cllr Tindall interjected that an important point had been raised at cabinet, referring to the bottom of page 34. Cllr Williams noted that matters relating to the conduct of elections were a matter for the chief executive in the capacity of telling officers, and confirmed that a comment from the returning officer in that role was at the bottom of page 34.


CA/35/23  Business Plan Update 2024 Housing Revenue Accounts

Recommendation agreed. This was seconded and agreed.


CA/36/23 Paradise Design Code Supplementary Planning Document

Recommendation agreed. This was seconded and agreed.


CA/47/23, Senior Officer Pay Policy

Recommendation agreed. This was seconded and agreed.



Overview and Scrutiny referrals

There are no referrals from Overview & Scrutiny


No referrals


Changes to committee membership

To consider any proposals for changes to committee membership



No changes to committee membership.


Change to committee dates

To consider any proposals for changes to committee dates



No Changes to Committee Dates


Call in and Urgency Procedure


Cllr Williams noted that, as required under the constitution, the council was being given notice of a decision made under the call-in and urgency procedure, for information only, relating to the awarding of the contract for the implementation of the council's electric vehicle charging point programme.




With the formal proceedings complete, Mayor Birnie gave the floor to Cllr Williams for closing statements.


Cllr Williams noted that, with the exception of the Cabinet, it was the end of the Council's four years, there were a number of colleagues worthy of special mention, being Cllr Chapman, who had served 28 years, and Cllr Bassadone, who had served 47 years and was presented with (inaudible) in recognition of that time. Cllr Bassadone stated that she had thoroughly enjoyed most of her time on the council, but that Covid had brought a noticeable change, leading to her decision to retire, and wishing all councillors, current and future, well in the coming elections. The council gave Cllr Bassadone a standing ovation.


Cllr Williams further thanked, on behalf of himself and the council, the chief executive, officer team and staff of Dacorum Borough Council for their support and work, and thanked Cllr Tindall for the constructive and supportive way in which he conducted his opposition and leadership.


Cllr Tindall thanked Cllr Williams, noting that they had managed to work well together for the benefit of all residents, and joined him in thanking all the officers and staff of the council, hoping that the pleasantries would continue regardless of the outcomes on 4th May.


There being no other business, Mayor Birnie declared the council meeting closed.