Council - Wednesday, 18th January, 2023 7.30 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - The Forum

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Councillor Griffiths      Housing Services

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Councillor Williams     Commercial Strategy and Delivery

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Councillor Banks         Communities

Councillor Anderson   Place

Councillor Elliot                       Corporate Services






5.1 MOTION ONE Proposed by Councillor Sheron Wilkie


Cost of Living Crisis           


The survey conducted by Landman Economics for the TUC was widely reported in November. Highlights from the survey show:


Key worker poverty “is rampant”


The analysis reveals that child poverty “is rampant” in key worker households. In addition to care staff:

·         Nearly a tenth (9.4%) of kids with nurses as parents are living below the breadline. This represents over 70,000 children.

·         1 in 9 (10.8%) children with teaching staff as parents are growing up in poverty. This represents around 100,000 children.

·         1 in 8 (11.8 %) kids of local government workers are growing up in poverty. This represents over 220,000 children.

·         1 in 4 (25%) children with public transport workers as parents have kids growing up in poverty. This represents 50,000 children.

·         It is estimated that 1 in 5 (19%) key worker households have children living in poverty.


With this context, this Council:


A.    Notes with concern there is evidence to demonstrate that local children are going hungry while families are affected by the current Cost of Living Crisis.

B.    Therefore urges Officers of the Council to work with the Voluntary and Community Sectors, and local schools, to ensure that all children of school age have access to at least one nutritious meal a day.


In addition,


This Council recognises the work of Council Officers in collaboration with the Voluntary Sector to bring forward proposals to benefit residents of Dacorum and asks that every effort is made on the Council website to clearly signpost residents to the locations of the Warm Spaces, and other information and assistance available from the Council and Voluntary Sector in the current Cost of Living Crisis – this to also include clear non-internet communications for those that need the information.


5.2 MOTION TWO Proposed by Councillor Adrian England


Re-cycling Targets 


This Council notes that Dacorum Council is on track for 60% recycling by 2030 and is currently 4th in Hertfordshire for its recycling percentage.  In order to signal a drive for more and faster progress, this Council asks that the Council sets out an ambitious plan to increase the recycling percentage target by 2% points per year in order to reach the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership 2030 target.


5.3 MOTION THREE Proposed by Councillor Adrian England


Grants for Heat Source Pumps


This Council notes that just 17.8% of the funds available to residents in England and Wales for Heat Source Pump Grants have been claimed in the first three quarters of the life of the scheme.  It is further noted that the value of the Grants, at £5,000 each, would appear to be a deterrent to applicants in England and Wales.


The Council asks the Portfolio Holder to write to the Government to ask for an improved and enhanced scheme which will match the Scotland offer of £7.500 to £9,000 grants together with the availability of a top-up interest free loan of £7,500. 




Question 6.1 from Councillor Sally Symington to Councillor Margaret Griffiths

Written Question to the Portfolio Holder for Housing


How many properties within Dacorum’s council owned housing portfolio have an up to date EPC rating?




Question 6.2 from Councillor Sally Symington to Councillor Margaret Griffiths

Written Question to the Portfolio Holder for Housing

How many reports of empty homes has the council received in the last 3 years?

Question 6.3 from Councillor Sally Symington to Councillor Andrew Williams

Written Question to the Portfolio Holder for Leader of the Council.

Residents in my ward are concerned that Dacorum has just one quarter of the national average of publicly available electric vehicle charge points. What actions is the portfolio holder taking to accelerate the installation of rapid and fast electric charging devices across the Borough’s publicly owned car parks and ensure that on-street electric charging devices are provided for residents?



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