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Decisions published

18/07/2019 - To award contract for the Refurbishment of the Gadebridge Park White Bridge ref: 966    Recommendations Approved

The White Bridge (also known as the Cranstone Bridge) is a Grade II listed structure located at the entrance of the park.
The White Bridge has fallen into a state of disrepair over the last few years leading to the Council having a number of assessments carried out on the bridge which has identified some structural issues. This does not pose an immediate risk to the public but it is clear the Council need to act quickly to ensure the condition of the bridge does not worsen.
The Council have also invested elsewhere in the park over the last couple of years, installing a new play area and splash park which has led to an increase in foot fall. As part of the regeneration of the park, the White Bridge was identified as an area which needed investment to bring it up to standard.

Decision Maker: Assistant Director - Neighbourhood Delivery

Decision published: 18/07/2019

Effective from: 18/07/2019


To award a contract to Tasiker Industrial Limited to carry out the refurbishment on the White Bridge located in Gadebridge Park, Hemel Hempstead.

Lead officer: Andrew Linden