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Decisions published

14/09/2021 - To support the Council on the Ex-Offender Housing Navigator Project. ref: 1531    Recommendations Approved

To approve an exemption to comply with the Council’s commissioning & procurement standing orders and award a contract directly without the need to carry out a competitive tendering process in relation to:

Decision Maker: Portfolio Holder for Housing

Decision published: 14/09/2021

Effective from: 22/09/2021


To approve the suspension of the Council’s commissioning & procurement standing orders to enable the direct appointment of Emerging Futures to provide a specialised support service for the Ex–Offender Housing Navigator project.

Lead officer: Natasha Beresford

07/09/2021 - To award a contract for the Window Replacements and Associated Works at Rossgate Shopping Precinct. ref: 1528    Recommendations Approved

Background: The Council have an agreed capital budget of £300k to carry window replacements and associated works at the Rossgate Shopping Precinct.
Procurement process: The Council identified the Fusion 21 Framework Agreement as the most suitable procurement route to award this contract.
Under the Framework Agreement the Council had 2 procurement routes, direct award or further competition. Following a conversation with Fusion 21, the recommendation was to carry out a direct award to the number one placed supplier on the agreement, Bell Group Limited.
Bell have been ranked number one supplier following a robust evaluation process looking at both price (40% of the criteria) and quality (60% of the criteria). The qualitative elements that were looked at included delivery of works, social value, health and safety, quality management and risk management.
Through the direct award approach, the Council are able to avoid a tender process which will save around 5 months on the programme. Due to the current condition of the windows at Rossgate shopping precinct and with the guarantees from Fusion 21 that the direct award is providing value for money, it was agreed that this was the best way forward.
The Council’s Commercial Asset and Property Development team has worked with both Bell Group and Fusion 21 to draft a schedule of works and agree a cost which is both in budget and offers value for money.
The works will commence 8 weeks after the contract is signed by both parties.

Decision Maker: Assistant Director - Finance & Resources

Decision published: 08/09/2021

Effective from: 07/09/2021


Decision: To award a contract to Bell Group Limited to carry out Window Replacements and Associated Works at Rossgate Shopping Precinct, Hemel Hempstead.

Lead officer: Jim Mitchell

27/08/2021 - Approval to award contract for Traffic Regulation Order Consultancy ref: 1527    Recommendations Approved

The Council needs to comply with legislation and consult when looking to introduce new or ammend existing traffic regulation orders. The existing contract is coming to a natural conclusion and there is a requirement to tender this contract.
The Council can introduce Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) under licence from Hertfordshire County Council, the Highway Authority. All waiting restriction schemes are subject to their approval and, as a minimum, must comply with their standards. This contract is for an end-to-end, proposal to install a TRO service with minimal intervention required by the Council between consultations. Members will review consultation reports and instruct the consultancy via Parking Service Officers as to their decisions concerning the progress of any scheme after each consultation report is submitted.
This contract will run as a call-off contract, therefore spend against this contract will be active if and when a requirement for this service is requested.
This tender was advertised as an Open (above threshold value) process on the Supply Hertfordshire portal and on Contracts Finder in accordance with the Public Contract Regulations 2015. Three tender submissions were received and ADL provided the highest scoring tender on evaluation.

Decision Maker: Assistant Director - Corporate and Contracted Services

Decision published: 03/09/2021

Effective from: 27/08/2021


Decision: The approval to award contract for Traffic Regulation Order Consultancy for an 4 year period (plus option to extend for an additional 3 years) to ADL Traffic

Lead officer: Ben Hosier