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Development Management

This page lists the meetings for Development Management.


Information about Development Management

Shall comprise of 14 members of the Council.


Shall meet in accordance with the cycle of meetings approved annually by the Council.


Terms of Reference


The functions of the Development Management Committee shall be to exercise all powers of the Council relating to:


(i)         Town and country planning and development control (except matters relating to the review, alteration or approval of the Development Plan)


(ii)        The protection and preservation of trees


(iii)       The protection and preservation of hedgerows


(iv) The various powers relating to public rights of way contained in the Highways Act 1980, which have been delegated to the Council by Hertfordshire County Council as the Highway Authority, under an Agency Agreement.  These include the powers to protect and assert public rights of way, including powers to create, divert or stop up footpaths, bridleways and byways


(v)        Complaints about high hedges


(vi)         The authorisation of all allied enforcement action.