Issue - meetings


Meeting: 20/07/2022 - Council (Item 6)


To consider questions (if any) by members of the Council of which the appropriate notice has been given to the Assistant Director (Corporate and Contracted Services)


The following people asked questions and the full details can be found in the full minutes


Cllr England to Cllr Williams

Cllr Hobson to Cllr Banks

Cllr Symington to Cllr Barratt

Cllr Symington to Cllr Williams

Cllr Symington to Cllr Anderson


Cllr Symington: Can I raise a point of order, please?


Mayor: If you must.


Cllr Symington: Yes, thank you. These are written questions, which obviously we've submitted. I can't see they've been circulated, and furthermore, you mentioned earlier in the meeting that the resident who attended-, question has been circulated to us all. I can't see it either on the documents I have or by email.


Mayor: If I spoke in error, it was because I was assured that that had happened, Cllr Symington.


Mayor: Okay. In this case, apparently, these questions are not circulated in advance, that is why they are read out at the meeting.


Cllr Symington: Okay, and the resident who attended, who you said-, his question had been circulated to us all. Can we have a clarification of whether that is true because I haven't received it, and I can't see any evidence that it was.


Mayor: I'm told that it was not circulated but that is why he was asked to read it out.


Cllr Symington: Please could we have an apology for the resident who attended, when you said that his question had been circulated to everybody, and it hasn't been?


Mayor: I can certainly apologise that I was mislead on that matter, but I won't apologise for asking him to read out the question, in the light of what you have just said, that it wasn't actually circulated.


6.1 The following question was submitted to Cllr Williams from Cllr England


Cllr England: The Cabinet have set out priorities for addressing the Climate Emergency, based on a "Fabric First" strategy.


Please provide the following information:


a.  The number of DBC homes retro-insulated in the 3 and/or 6 years to 2019 and the comparative number of homes retro-insulated in the last 3 years.


Mayor: Cllr Williams, I'm assuming that we have here three substantive questions, so you may answer the first.


Cllr Williams: The answer to the first question is in the three years, between 2016 and '19, the number is 920, and the three years between 2019 and '22, the number was 786.


b.  The estimated heating savings generated from the available insulation projects (above), and from typical examples of the five most effective and most widely available insulation interventions available across DBC stock.


Cllr Williams: The annual estimated fuel savings and carbon savings from those above interventions, is £206,515 and 662,850 kilograms of CO2. Then, I think you went to ask that most-,


c.  A breakdown of the numbers of each main type of insulation intervention (in homes insulated and cost per home) available and planned as part of the published Climate Emergency Action Plan claim of 90% of stock which is planned to be completed by 2030.


Cllr Williams: Number of each type of installation, the number of propositions we've retro-fitted to hit the 90% target, is that the question? Because I'm a bit confused about what it is that Cllr England is asking. Right okay, and this is based upon a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6